The Scope of Finance


Financial Management, the most important management tool for a firm and also for a nation. The universal definition of financial management is planning, organizing, and controlling the financial activities of an enterprise. A financial manager is a person who plans the financial requirements and organizes the funds to controls the enterprise for running smoothly. For any firm, finance is the most challenging and the important factor. Without finance, firms cannot even think of managing a single day.

A financial manger is the one who prepares the budget for the firm and makes sure that the firm runs accordingly with the planned budget, and he is the responsible for each and every penny spent by the firm.

So by now we must have known the importance of a financial manager and his role. To be more precise on scope of finance, where there is money there you need a financial manger to manage. It’s irrespective of how big the firm is. Even a normal person manages his income and expenses every month and he can be termed as a financial manger but in a lower level of management. So the quality of financial manger is within everyone and the level of management only differs.

If it is a higher level management, involving more money, you need to specialize in handling it. So the scope is never ending. Even if it is a profit based management or even a non-profit organization, it needs a financial manger to handle its funds. Even in colleges and universities students are tested with many finance assignments, projects, case studies and research papers to test their knowledge on the subject. Students can also seekĀ finance assignment helpĀ services if they are unsure of the concepts involved in the assignments. They will get used to the concepts through these assignments and projects given by their teachers.

Financial management is a part of all the businesses. It plays a major role in financial places like banks. In banks finance is given the first priority as it is only finance based. One who can handle finance well can handle anything easily. Finance is not only about calculations but also visions. A financial manger must be able to look the future of the firm and make decisions accordingly. So here a finance manger must act like a visionary.

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