Types and Advantages of Digital Marketing


The Internet has revolutionized most aspects of human lives. Today, most people would find it impossible to maintain a normal life without relying either solely or partially on the internet. Such has been its influence. Marketing is one area where the internet has proved to be particularly useful. Internet marketing, online marketing and e marketing are some terms used to describe the technique of promoting a product or service over the internet.

Compared to traditional methods, digital marketing has numerous advantages. Speed is a very important aspect in today’s world of cut-throat competition. Companies and businesses have to attain maximum results in the shortest possible time, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital marketing campaigns are efficient, targeted, cost effective and quick. Nowadays, most people have an online presence. Moreover the company can reach a wider audience through digital marketing. This significantly improves their chances of getting profitable results. Traditional marketing campaigns are severely restricted by geographical boundaries. The internet has a global reach and audience. As such, online marketing campaigns are not affected by geographical restrictions. Push marketing and pull marketing are some strategies used to sell a product or service. In pull marketing, customers are attracted to the product since it is similar to the ones that they want.

In push marketing, the company has to introduce a product that will satisfy the requirements of potential customers. Pull marketing has a better rate of success than the push methods. In e-commerce, the sales process is very quick. More often than not, the business can sell a product online within seconds. Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing does not have to be constantly monitored. Once implemented, the internet marketing campaign requires minimal changes and can sustain on its own. In today’s world of financial insecurities, cost is a very important factor.

Most companies are reluctant to spend a lot of money on their marketing campaign. This is another area where online marketing is beneficial than offline marketing. When compared to the costs of the campaign of a product or service using media, online marketing is significantly cheaper. There are several online techniques available and a choice should be made depending on the requirements of the company. Video marketing, pay per click, mass media and search engine optimization are some popular digital marketing techniques used today. A lot of companies have tremendously benefited from their online marketing campaigns in the recent past.

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